Islands Visual Artist Registry

Illusions I by BJ Arnold
BJ Arnold

Treasure Chest
Robert G. Bachman

Oh Rats by Mary Bacon
Mary Bacon

Nuno Felt Silk Scarf by Patti Barker
Patti Barker

Untitled P014-1 by Laura E. Bauer
Laura E. Bauer

Tulip Medley2 by Sondra Bayley
Sondra Bayley

Warm at Minus 14 by Jean Behnke
Jean Behnke

Homestead by Sherry Smith Bell
Sherry Smith Bell

Let There Be Light by Oak Boesky
Oak Boesky

The Master's Demo by Taylor Bruce
Taylor Bruce

"Out of Service" by Kim Bruder
Kim Bruder

"Wishing Heart" by Jane Buck
Jane Buck

Ebbtide by Yvonne Buijs-Mancuso
Yvonne Buijs-Mancuso

Laurie Burns

Shallow Bay by Carl_Buttke
Carl Buttke

Beetles by Melisa Calohan
Melissa Calohan

Winter Garden
Peter Carlson

30 Buddhas by Bruce Clark
Bruce Clark

Pike Place market by Joyce Crain
Joyce Crain

Walkway at Roche Harbor Gardens by Linda Degnan Cobos
Linda Degnan Cobos

Artifact of Process by Joe Cooper
Joe Cooper

The Home
Trudy Dallas

Dium Camas #1 by Robert Dash
Robert Dash

FLOWER NYMPH by Bonita Diemoz
Bonita Diemoz

I've Been Waiting Here Since the Beginning of Time by Thrinley DiMarco
Thrinley DiMarco

South Island Cove by BJ Dollahite
BJ Dollahite

Changing Light by Matt Dollahite
Matt Dollahite

Yellow Billed Stork
Cinda Sue Dow

Malinda Dreyer

Ina Drosu

Stovall Store
Julie Marie Duke

           by Jaime Ellsworth
Jaime Ellsworth

NASTURTIUM by Kathy Crowe Finholm
Kathy Crowe Finholm

Mt. Baker by Alison Engle
Alison Engle

After Glow by Marc Forlenza
Marc Forlenza

Storm Day by Shawna Franklin
Shawna Franklin

IMAGINED II by Mark Gardner
Mark Gardner

Andy by Kristy Gjesme
Kristy Gjesme

Camperdown Elm by Alayne Goodhart
Alayne Goodhart

Shrine of Manicure & Pedicure in Never, Never Land by Francie Hansen
Francie Hansen

Early Evening Summer Skies by Beth Hetrick
Beth Hetrick

The Heights II by Tom Hoffmann
Tom Hoffmann

Renewal – Tulip Garden II
Pamela Hoke

Rosalee Relaxes by Rosalie Howarth
Rosalie Howarth

farm at three hundred by  Annie Howell-Adams
Annie Howell-Adams

Blue Side by Dan Hoglund
Dan Hoglund

Jonelle Johnson

The Flower Peddler by Alison Johnston
Alison Johnston

Jill Karr

Tete-e-Tete by Keith Keyser
Keith Keyser

COMMUNAL GARDEN by Andrea Kiernan
Andrea Kiernan

Kyoto Bench by Laura Long
Laura Long

Chief Joseph by Sammy Long
Sammy Long

What about Todd by RaVae Luckhart
RaVae Luckhart

Belief and Doubt by Stewart Luckman
Stewart Luckman

Dance With Your Shadow by Christa Malay
Christa Malay

Live Music by Aurore Maron
Aurore Maren

Blue Lake Landscape by Nancy Maron
Nancy Maron

Barn Quilt by Diane Martindale
Janis Jones Mattoxmm

Barn Quilt by Diane Martindale
Diane Martindale

Marsha J. McAllister

Spring Bouquet by Mary Gey McCullough
Mary Gey McCullough

All the Points by Barbara McIntyre
Barbara McIntyre

Turtle & the Buddha by Ranna McNeil
Ranna McNeil

In the Woods
Lynne Mercer

In the Woods
Alisha Merrick

NIGHT SEINER by Robin Meyer-Tate
Robin Meyer-Tate

Ocean by Maria Michaelson
Maria Michaelson

Stare by John Miller
John Miller

Douglas-Fir by Pamela Mills
Pamela Mills

Equipoise by JoEllen Moldoff
JoEllen Moldoff

Pendant and Earrings by Trish Morse
Trish Morse

PARADISE LOST by Nick Nicholson
Nick Nicholson

John Nippolt

Darleen Nixon

Stephen O'Melveny

Loves Me Loves Me Not by Terry Ogle
Terry Ogle

Danielle Dean Palmer
Danielle Dean Palmer

Matthew Gray Palmer
Matthew Gray Palmer

Coastal Stack VI by Michael Peterson
Michael Peterson

Saturated Figures by Svetlana Petrova
Svetlana Petrova

Scroll Necklace by Manya Pickard
Manya Pickard

Seagrass Basket by Debbie Pigman
Debbie Pigman

Paddling to Posey # 5 by Tory Raggett
Tory Raggett

TWO LOONS by Dona Reed
Dona Reed

Old Tree by Bonnie Reiser
Bonnie Reiser

Abstracted Days by Dana Roberts
Dana Roberts

Lady Washington and Columbia Rediviva by Howard Rosenfeld
Howard Rosenfeld

sculpture bronze by Jocelyn Russell
Jocelyn Russell

Still Life With Bookends by Maggie Sharkey
Maggie Sharkey

Clouds & Stones by Betsy Sharp
Betsy Sharp

ZIGGURAT by Susan Singleton<
Susan Singleton

textiles by Mary Sly
Mary Sly

Blue Feathers by Fiona Small
Fiona Small

If Stones Could Fly by Tom Small
Tom Small

Atmosphere by Teresa Smith
Teresa Smith

Following the Fawns by Lewis Spaulding
Lewis Spaulding

Yellow Island #15 by Nancy Spaulding
Nancy Spaulding

Full Moon at Cattle Point by Robert Hare Stavers
Robert Hare Stavers

Arch Fountain by Marilyn Stiles
Marilyn Stiles

Somebody Else by Mary Anne Stone
Mary Anne Stone

Set Adrift by Kandis Susol
Kandis Susol

Phil Tate

Life Beyond by Bo Turnage
Bo Turnage

Vase with Faces by Lumi Verdugo
Lumi Verdugo

Farmland by Kristian Warfel
Kristian Warfel

Fractures by Rudi Weissinger
Rudi Weissinger

Swimming Free II  by William J. Weissinger
William J. Weissinger

Purple Petal Bowl by Paula West
Paula West

Ana Skibska by Karen Woldtvedt
Karen Woldtvedt